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As the broker of Record for Engel and Völkers Yachting, with offices in California, Florida and Maryland, I felt it was important to join and support each of the local broker associations; CYBA, IYBA and YBAA.

When joining YBAA, I learned of the CPYB program, with less than 300 CPYB’s at that time, I was the first to go thru their online test prep and I passed the test on my first go thru, which is quite the accomplishment.

I would recommend going through the CPYB program to anyone who is serious about a career in yacht sales. Passing the California Licensing test gets you in the game but passing the CPYB test puts you on your game!

It truly is the gold standard and the designation says you hold yourself to a higher standard of ethics and professionalism!

As a member of CYBA, I fully endorse every member stepping up their game and earning their CPYB designation.

Walter Johnson
Engle & Völkers Yachting

As I find myself working with more and more brokers and salespeople in other states (& Canada), it gives me comfort to know that they have, in many cases, gone through a program that has taught them important aspects of the profession, given them a basis for integrity and understand the process, whether  on the selling side or the buying side.  It helps me with my buyer or seller to know that we’re working with a true professional. 

Additionally, the continuing education programs that CPYB offers, allows me to sharpen my professional skills, and to learn some things that I may not have been exposed to. There’s no question that the program has great value, respect in the industry and should be considered by anybody who wants to be successful and grow.

Mik Maguire
Richard Boland Yachts

“My name is Jeff Merrill, CPYB and I’m a licensed yacht broker in California, Florida, Virginia and Washington.  A decade ago I started my own yacht brokerage, JMYS, something I would have never contemplated without first achieving my CPYB credential.

After 14 years as a successful licensed CA yacht salesperson working for Nordhavn in California, I wanted to learn more and improve my standing. .

I had heard of the CPYB, but not many California brokers have that credential, it wasn’t as well known. As I traveled out of California more and more on boat deals, the CPYB designation became more common and increased in significance. My ambition was to become the best yacht broker I could be, and it became obvious to me that I should study for and pass the CPYB exam to become certified. I went on to earn my CPYB credential in 2012.

Through studying for the CPYB exam I learned more than I ever imagined about the profession of being a yacht broker, it was encouraging and insightful. I attended a CYBA (California) board of directors meeting as a walk in. That initiated an eight-year involvement as a member of the board of directors and eventual two-year term as president of the association in 2015 and 2016. I remain actively involved with the CYBA attending meetings and writing for the newsletter. Since I do business all over the country, I also joined three other regional yacht broker associations – YBAA, IYBA, and NYBA to support our profession.

If you are dedicated to being a yacht sales professional and believe selling boats is your career calling, you want to be as prepared and knowledgeable as you can. My recommendation is that you join your local yacht broker association and get involved. The forms, code of ethics and shared information is much more valuable than the minimal cost to join and renew.

There is more you can do.  The network of colleagues and peers I now call friends is a direct result of my dedication to becoming a CPYB. Our business is a crowded field, if you want to stand out, dedicate your time to become a professional. The CPYB continuing education requirement keeps me engaged and I became a member of the CAC (CPYB Certification Advisory Council) in 2019 to help promote the CPYB program.  I’m writing this note in January 2024 and have just started serving my second year as Chairman of the CAC.  I’m proud to be involved and encourage others to step up. Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss your next move – become a CPYB.

Jeff Merrill, president of JMYS
Past President CYBA
Current Chairman CAC (Certificate Advisor Council) for CPYB

“As a past CYBA president, and CYBA board member, it is imperative I have the highest credentials, and qualifications. Being a CPYB keeps me up to date with laws, industry innovations, and in-tune with the industry as a whole, both regionally and nationally. The resources are extraordinary and quite invaluable.”

George Sikich CPYB
Yacht Broker
Richard Boland Yachts

My name is Leilani Wales, CPYB. I am the President of AGL Yacht Sales in San Diego, the Chairwoman for the CYBA GEO (Growth-Expansion-Outreach) Committee, and the CYBA 2nd Vice President.

My family owned a business school in the Philippines. I was taught that education is very important. I heard and read about the Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) accreditation program.  I knew that was what I was missing. I took the exam and passed.  When I received my CPYB Certification, it was one of the proudest moments of my life. I could finally, and confidently, say that I’m a Yacht Broker. The ability to place the CPYB designation after your name is an accomplishment. I told myself that I will keep promoting CPYB to anyone who is passionate about being a Yacht Broker.  CPYB offers professional development, continuing education etc. I am a proud member of Certified Professional Yacht Broker. 

Leilani Wales, CPYB
President, AGL Yacht Sales, Inc.
2nd Vice President, CYBA