Brokers and salespeople in California are licensed by the state after taking a thorough qualifications test that measures their skills, abilities and understanding of the Harbors & Navigation code.

Since 1974, CYBA members have set the performance standard for yacht sales professionals throughout California. They, on application, provide two state licensed broker members as sponsors and sign a ‘code of ethics’ agreement to conduct themselves in the most professional manner to create trust and confidence in their clients.

Together with the Division of Boating & Waterways, the CYBA monitors business practices and ensures professionalism through guidance and education.

Members gain access to the CYBA ‘forms suite’ that allows them to use the ‘state approved’ forms for listing, selling, co-oping and many other tools.  Arbitration provided by the CYBA experts lessens legal exposure.

Legislative lobbyists protect the interest of these broker owned businesses.

An annual Legal Seminar increases members understanding of the changes in rules and regulations.

Numerous events and boat shows allow members to network and share listings and obtain continuing education units through courses and presentations.

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