Affiliate Benefits

CYBA Affiliate Partnership

Yacht Sales Support

Services and Products that support the yacht sales industry have always been very important to the yacht brokerage community. Your participation and support of the California Yacht Brokers Association has always been deeply appreciated. Yacht brokers rely on your services and products to assist and facilitate the sales process and service our mutual yachting clients. Affiliate members enjoy a strong relationship and connection with yacht brokers as direct clients or as referral agents to yachting consumers.

Access and exposure to the Yacht Brokerage Community is well accomplished through your participation and support of the California Yacht Brokers Association.

CYBA Events such as the legal seminars, sales forms training, principal seminars and annual meetings are well attended by brokers and salespeople and offer the Affiliate Member excellent exposure for their services and products.

The CYBA is offering this opportunity to yacht industry businesses to gain valuable access to those that can assist them in increasing business volume.

The CYBA is expanding its web based presentation and value to the Broker Membership as well as offering advertising opportunities for the Affiliate Members.

The CYBA is scheduling additional educational seminars and opportunities for Affiliate Members to meet with groups of top yacht brokers and salespeople.

We are very proud to welcome Affiliate sponsors who contribute to our four tiers of partnership – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Please review our various sponsorship programs and select the level that best represents our commitment and desire to increase your business through your support and relationships with your most helpful and loyal associates, California Yacht Brokers.

Peter Zaleski – 
CYBA Past President