Citrix/rightsignature Help

Use links below for helpful videos explaining on how to use the CYBA contracts…

Citrix FeatureOneMob LinkRelated project
SSO/AD Tools
UMT Advanced Tools
DMT Advanced Tools
SF API Advanced Tools
Medical Image Viewer Compliance
Medical Image Upload from Web App Compliance
Archiving Compliance
Enterprise Archiving Compliance
Medical Image Uploader Tool Compliance
Sync Desktop
Drive Mapper Desktop
Citrix Files for Windows Desktop
Citrix Files for Mac Desktop
Print to SF Desktop
Outlook Plugin – Share and Request Files Desktop
Outlook Plugin – Encrypted Email Desktop
SharePoint connector – Enterprise Enterprise Only
Send for Signature with Print to SF E-Sign
Send for Signature from RS E-Sign
RS Online Forms E-Sign
Send for Signature from ShareFile E-Sign
Assigning Licenses for RS in SF E-Sign
Creating Templates – RightSignature E-Sign
Branding in RightSignature E-Sign
ShareFile Mobile App Mobile
RightSignature Mobile App Mobile
Configure Device Security Mobile / Web Application
Podio – Structure
ShareFile – Office Online Editing Web Application
Client Login Web Application
ShareFile Custom Branding Web Application 
Reporting Web Application 
Creating Users Web Application 
Managing Permissions Web Application 
Creating Files and Folders Web Application 
Managing Folder Permission Web Application 
Personal Cloud Connectors Web Application 
File Drop Web Application 
Remote Upload Form Web Application 
Custom Workflows / Forms Workflows
Request List Workflows
Feedback & Approval